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America's Top 250 Overview

Looking for a deal that nearly encompasses every TV channel in America? Then get the America's Top 250, starting at just $44.99! The Top 250 is the most comprehensive DISH TV promotion (package-remove) available (from DISH-remove), encompassing nearly every available English channel (other than premium movies). You'll get all of your favorites from the America's Top 120 and America's Top 200, plus more than 50 additional channels that will guarantee that you always have something to watch! Throw in an HD/DVR (currently FREE), and you can record more compelling programming than you can possibly imagine! It's time to enjoy this (huge package-remove) deal at its best price ever!

Why Choose The America’s Top 250 DISH Network TV Promotion?

If you're looking for a comprehensive channel package that includes nearly every channel available, then the Top 250 is the right deal for you. If you're looking for the absolute best bang for your buck, then you certainly can't go wrong either! At $44.99, our lowest promotional price ever for this package, the value is unbeatable with any provider. No matter your interests - news, sports, variety, entertainment, or other special interest - the Top 250 will have you covered. Also, you can enjoy three months of HBO, Cinemax and Showtime, plus a free trial of DISH Movie Pack when you choose the Top 250 today. You just can't beat the value!

Americas -top -250

America’s Top 250 Channels

While there's something for everyone with any DISH TV package, there's a lot for everyone with the Top 250. You receive all of the channels from America's Top 120 and 200, plus add on popular channels like like seven Encore movie channels, Fox Business Channel, The Science Channel, Fox Soccer Channel, and so much more.  Check the channel list below and see if the Top 250 has everything you want. Odds are, it does!

Click Here for the America's Top 250 Channels