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Whole Home Hopper DVR Feature


Hopper features a whole home DVR so you can record your favorite shows, plus pause and rewind live television. The Dish Hopper links out to child receivers, called Joey, to bring your DVR to every connected room in your home! Tasks that seem difficult, like watching one show in the living room, pausing it and then starting it again after you've moved to your bedroom, are made easy by the new Hopper system.

The system can also record up to six shows at one time, and you'll love this with our new Primetime Anytime technology. You'll rarely miss a show with the available 250 hours of HD recording time!

Hopper Best Of CES 2012 Finalist

Additional Hopper Features

Remote Control Locator

Remote Control Locator

Everyone has lost their remote control a time or two - perhaps nothing is more frustrating. With The Dish Hopper, press a button on the receiver and your remote control will begin chirping so you can find it. Never waste another minute searching between the cushions or underneath the bed!

TV Everywhere with Hopper

TV Everywhere with Hopper

DISH Network took the television world by storm with TV Everywhere, and Hopper jumps right in to this amazing technology. Simply add a Sling Adapter to your Hopper and you can watch your favorite live or recorded shows on your iPad, laptop, or compatible mobile device.

SRS TruVolume

SRS TruVolume

Not only will this system look better and deliver great picture throughout your home, but it's going to sound amazing. Many TV shows and commercials are recorded at different volumes, but SRS TruVolume helps keep that from becoming annoying. It sounds awesome because it is!

PrimeTime Anytime with Hopper

PrimeTime Anytime

You'll never miss a show with and Primetime Anytime. Your Hopper can automatically download the entire primetime lineup from the four major networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox - and have it waiting for you on your DVR when you're ready to watch it. It's truly Primetime, Anytime!

Updated User Interface

Updated User Interface

Hopper takes a page from the DISH ViP 922 HD/DVR with simple, icon based user interface. Access features like your DVR, make adjustments to your settings, use custom Hopper apps and much more using nothing more than the remote control in your hand.

Hopper Program Search

Insightful Program Search

Hopper delivers the deepest search function available in the DVR world. Search for programming by title, director, prominent actors, and a host of other variables so you can find your favorites on DISH anytime. Hopper makes it easy!