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The New Hopper with Sling

Now the best just got a little bit better!  The new Hopper with Sling takes Hopper - the most innovative receiver ever built - and makes it even better!  You'll enjoy all of your standard Hopper features, plus a few new goodies like built-in Sling, built-in Wi-Fi, new applications (both on-screen and App based), and more!  Noted as truly the Best in Show at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, the Hopper with Sling is your gateway to an amazing television experience!

Hot Features on the New Hopper with Sling

DISH Hopper with Sling

Built-In Sling

Sling is DISH's most innovative technology ever!  Sling allows you to view your live TV and recorded DVR shows through an active internet connection.  Just hook your Hopper with Sling to the internet (either wired or with the new Wi-Fi connection), and watch from any desktop or laptop computer, iPad, or approved Tablet/Smartphone device!

Hopper Built in Wifi

Built-In Wi-Fi

Connecting your Hopper With Sling to the internet has never been easier! Hopper With Sling now has built-in Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to place your receiver anywhere within your signal area in your home and access all of the internet-enabled features from Hopper, including Sling!  The wired internet connection is also still available.

Hopper Transfers

Directly Transfer Recordings to Tablet

Now you don't need an internet connection to enjoy your DVR programming!  The DISH Transfers app allows you to connect your device to Hopper with Sling and transfer your recordings for viewing away from home.  Great for areas with unreliable or no internet connection, like planes and long road trips!

Hopper TV Anywhere

Sling Your Phone to the TV

Hopper with Sling now provides a great way to view movies, photos, and listen to music stored on your tablet or smartphone.  Connect your device to the same internet network in your home, and you can simply "fling" your locally stored items for enjoyment on your TV, similar to some functionality used in Apple Airplay technology.

Hopper Apps

New Tablet and Smartphone Apps

Hopper with Sling allows interaction with DISH's suite of Apple and Android applications for tablet and smartphone.  Enjoy Anywhere (your internet based connection to Hopper with Sling), Transfers (move items directly to your iPad), and Explorer apps!  Learn More

DISH Hopper Facebook Twitter

Hopper with Sling - Social

Hopper with Sling brings you the best of both worlds - television and social media.  Hopper with Sling has a built-in social application that allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter while watching your favorite shows - including what you're watching - and also interact with social media feeds relevant to your favorite programs!

Original Hopper Features

Hopper Remote Control Locator

Remote Control Locator

Everyone has lost their remote control a time or two - perhaps nothing is more frustrating. With Hopper, press a button on the receiver and your remote control will begin chirping so you can find it. Never waste another minute searching between the cushions or underneath the bed!

Hopper TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere with Hopper

DISH took the television world by storm with TV Everywhere, and Hopper jumps right in to this amazing technology. Simply add a Sling Adapter to your Hopper and you can watch your favorite live or recorded shows on your iPad, laptop, or compatible mobile device.

Hopper SRS Tru Volume

SRS TruVolume

Not only will Hopper look better and deliver great picture throughout your home, but it's going to sound amazing. Many TV shows and commercials are recorded at different volumes, but SRS TruVolume helps keep that from becoming annoying. It sounds awesome because it is!

Hopper Primetime Anytime

PrimeTime Anytime

You'll never miss a show with Hopper and Primetime Anytime. Your Hopper can automatically download the entire primetime lineup from the four major networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox - and have it waiting for you on your DVR when you're ready to watch it. It's truly Primetime, Anytime!

Hopper Menus

Updated User Interface

Hopper takes a page from the DISH ViP 922 HD/DVR with simple, icon based user interface. Access features like your DVR, make adjustments to your settings, use custom Hopper apps and much more using nothing more than the remote control in your hand.

Hopper Search

Insightful Program Search

Hopper delivers the deepest search function available in the DVR world. Search for programming by title, director, prominent actors, and a host of other variables so you can find your favorites on Anytime. Hopper makes it easy!